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booty made out of straws so you can SUCK MY ASS


booty made out of straws so you can SUCK MY ASS

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Friendly reminder that the man who sparked the whole “Vaccines cause Autism” thing said it was one combination of three vaccines (MMR) that would cause it so he could sell each vaccine individually instead of all three together in the same vaccine. Tripling his profit.

Then he was arrested for molesting Autistic children later in life.

Why are people so shitty

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i dont think some feminist artists have figured out that using a picture of the uterus to symbolize “grrrl power” is a microaggresion and excludes trans folk so let this be a public service announcement. 

ssttoppppppppp. ugh

females have been oppressed for hundreds if not thousands of years because of our biology so if women want to make stupid cute graphics about “grrrl power” and they want to do it over a uterus, i support it.

Lol the kind of misogyny we face is because of our biology so stfu OP

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Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.

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Blessed be #Mabon. The harvest is upon us. The day and night are equal now. Enjoy your fall everyone! #wiccan #pagan #magiclife #witchlife


Blessed be #Mabon. The harvest is upon us. The day and night are equal now. Enjoy your fall everyone! #wiccan #pagan #magiclife #witchlife

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After watching just 6 hours of nonviolent pornography, subjects in a 1986 research study were 21% less likely to be interested in marriage for themselves. Exposure to 6 hours porn also significantly decreased the subjects’ desire to have children, especially female children.

How many hours have YOU watched?

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I know men don’t want to give up using porn. Why should they when they know they don’t have to? It’s there, it’s often free, it does the job they want it to do, and they’ve already convinced everyone that they’re entitled to do so. Maybe because it hurts the people involved in its production, it hurts the women who have to deal with men who use it, and because it hurts the women they are in relationships with. A man who uses porn while he’s in a relationship is basically saying to his partner, “I care more about the fact that I want jerking off to be quicker and easier than I do about the fact that someone I’m jerking off to might be being raped, about the fact that it hurts you and damages your self esteem and security in our relationship, about the fact that it is detrimental to our sex life.”

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Men who are comfortable watching girls be choked and verbally abused in porn but can’t even handle hearing about child birth or periods are the absolute worst

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